A collection of ideas pushed via eureka tool.
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A collection of ideas pushed via eureka tool.

Spotify News Meta Profiler


Spotify News Meta Profiler (SNMP) is a tool used to create currated list of new songs or album released by artists a Spotify user follows.


Possible stack :

  • FrontEnd: VueJS
    • print lists of albums to users
    • trigger backend to sync data from Spotify to Redis
  • BackEnd: Golang
    • Sync data using Spotify API to Redis cache
  • Redis
    • Store data

Git Submodule Remover


Git Submodule Remover (GSR) is a tool to used to remove submodule(s) from a git repo. Takes a path to a repo ($PWD if not specified) and a list of submodules (1..N), remove all the shit, prepare a default commit message and open $EDITOR to validate commit.

Possible interesting features

  • An optional flag can trigger a push


  • Rust

Gitlab Auto Release


Create a service that listen to Gitlab event on a merge request. Merging trigger API call to Gitlab to release a new version/tag.

GAR diagram


Project A needs a security fix.

Alice create a branch with a specific name like fix-vuln

When it’s ok, Alice create a merge request with name Fix: vuln or adds labels like secfix to merge request.

When merge is trigger, is CI build is green, send event to auto-release service Depending on event kinds and labels, the service do things, like incrementing version number, new tag creation, etc…


  • Gitlab
  • Gitlab API
  • Golang service that listen to Gitlab Events