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Beautiful Hugo - A port of Beautiful Jekyll Theme

Beautiful Hugo Theme Screenshot


$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone beautifulhugo

See the Hugo documentation for more information.

Extra Features


This theme is designed to look great on both large-screen and small-screen (mobile) devices.

Syntax highlighting

This theme has support for both server side and client side highlighting.

Server side syntax highlighting

Use the highlight shortcode (with Pygments), see the Hugo documentation for more information.

To use this feature install Pygments (pip install Pygments) and add pygmentsuseclasses = true to your config.toml.

Client side syntax highlighting

Use triple backticks ( ``` ) or triple tilde ( ~~~ ) around code blocks.

Client side highlighting does not require pygments to be installed.

Disqus support

To use this feature, uncomment and fill out the disqusShortname parameter in config.toml.

Google Analytics

To add Google Analytics, simply sign up to Google Analytics to obtain your Google Tracking ID, and add this tracking ID to the googleAnalytics parameter in config.toml.

Commit SHA on the footer

If the source of your site is in a Git repo, the SHA corresponding to the commit the site is built from can be shown on the footer. To do so, two environment variables have to be set (GIT_COMMIT_SHA and GIT_COMMIT_SHA_SHORT) and parameter commit has to be defined in the config file:

  commit = "<username>/<siterepo>/tree/"

This can be achieved by running the next command prior to calling Hugo:

  GIT_COMMIT_SHA=`git rev-parse --verify HEAD` GIT_COMMIT_SHA_SHORT=`git rev-parse --short HEAD`

See at xor-gate/ an example of how to add it to a continuous integration system.


This is a port of the Jekyll theme Beautiful Jekyll by Dean Attali. It supports most of the features of the original theme.


MIT Licensed, see LICENSE.